Hányszor hazudott Donald Trump? Jól tette?

Legalább 9000 alkalommal hazudott az USA elnöke, állítja Daniel Dale a CNN szerint.

"...The lying sometimes continued until I had gone to sleep. Every time I felt like I had caught up, Trump would lie about something new -- while still keeping many of the old lies in regular rotation. When I started tweeting fact checks of Trump's rally claims moments after he made them, admirers viewed this as a kind of magic trick. In truth, it was pretty easy. The President kept saying the same false stuff over and over.
It was, in sum, a lot. In September 2020, I had to abandon my effort to produce a comprehensive count of the false claims: Trump was doing so much lying during the campaign that I physically could not keep up. By then, I'd tallied about 9,000 false claims since September 2016."